Noël  A Cappella 

It's time to decorate the house, install the crib and the Christmas tree, Christmas is coming !  You are late this year, aren’t you?

The disc « Noël  A Cappella » by Les Voix Animées is the perfect antidote against the frost and the perfect companion for this preparation time. Through the magic of their voices mingled, Les Voix Animées offer to you a cheerful winter trip. At the sound of their counterpoint and harmonies, by the charm of their polyphony without oboe, make you come back to childhood.

7 a cappella singers

Anne-Claire Baconnais sopranoAdèle Pons soprano, Laurence Recchia mezzoRaphaël Pongy countertenorEymeric Mosca tenorCyril Costanzo bassLuc Coadoubaritone & musical direction.

« Noël  A Cappella », recorded in Hyères-Les-Palmiers (83) France

Recording and mixing : Marc Poveda

« Noël A Cappella »
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« Noël A Cappella »  | 19.90 EUR

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