Luc Coadou
Musical Director & Baritone

Born under the Northern mists, Luc Coadou, just like the Renaissance Flemish masters, easily switches from the role of singer to the role of music director with a constant care about pedagogy and musicological research. We can find a particular interest for early music in his academic work - he is the author of research articles on the lyrical theatre during the French revolution. With Les Voix animées, Luc Coadou explores the vast repertoire of a cappella vocal music and especially that... read full bio

Sterenn Boulbin

After graduating from Caen conservatory of Music, where she obtained a first prize in piano, chamber music and composition at the age of 17, and then from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, where she followed an advanced programme in academic studies and composition, Sterenn, finally realised that her true passion was classical singing, and that she wanted to express herself with her voice. In Paris, she studied first with Nicole Fallien and Anne-Marguerite Werster, and then... read full bio

Lucie Frontière

Singer with an agile and well-trained voice, Lucie Frontière had the privilege to be educated in the two best schools for choral music in Paris, Notre Dame de Paris and Radio France. It is here that she discovered early on the major French venues for classical music, alongside Nicole Corti, Lionel Sow, Toni Ramon and Marie-Noëlle Maerten, and under the batons of renowned conductors such as Chung, Mazur, Nelson, Gervais, de Billy, Gatti, Denève,… In such a rich... read full bio

Anara Khassenova

Light lyric soprano Anara Khassenova was born and raised in Kazakhstan where she initially studied piano and was a member of an acclaimed children’s choir. She pursued her musical studies in France at the Regional Conservatory of Boulogne-Billancourt in the class of Anne Constantin, receiving a Bachelor degree in vocal arts (Pole Supérieur Paris-Boulogne) and musicology (Paris-Sorbonne). With a vast repertoire ranging from medieval to contemporary music, in 2015 she... read full bio

Caroline Michel

Caroline Michel is a French soprano who started her music studies at seven years old. She studied the violin for 12years and began her singing studies at 19 years old. After studying in the Strasbourg Conservatory of music with Marie-Madeleine Koebelé, she went to the Ecole Supérieure de Musique in Dijon where she graduated both in voice teaching and in performing.There, Jean-Paul Fouchécourt and Agnès Mellon were her teachers. She also has studied as an... read full bio

Juliette Reibel

Issue d’une famille de musiciens, Juliette Reibel baigne dès son plus jeune âge dans un univers musical riche et commence très jeune l’étude du piano. C’est après l’obtention d’une Licence d’Histoire qu’elle intègre finalement le Conservatoire de Nantes en chant lyrique, où elle commence à former sa voix de soprano auprès de Natacha Siehoff et Valérie Fayet. En parallèle... read full bio

Ariane Zanatta

Ariane Zanatta joins as a child the Conservatoire de Paris where she graduates in piano and receives a prize in lyrical singing. During her training, she discovers early music and develops a passion about the art of the actor-singer that is characteristic of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century opera. In 2016, she completes a mémoire about baroque reconstruction and is awarded her master’s degree in Theatre studies by Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle. Ariane graduates in a... read full bio

Marion Harache
Mezzo / Soprano

Marion discovered her passion for singing when she came across Natacha Bartosek who directed the children’s choir of the conservatoire where she was studying piano. She quickly developed a taste for polyphony as she sang with the vocal ensemble Aposiopée before joining the Maîtrise de Radio France. She subsequently studied at the Conservatoire of Boulogne-Billancourt (CRR) and abroad: first in New York, attending both Columbia University and the Manhattan School of... read full bio

Laura Jarrell
Mezzo / Soprano

French mezzo-soprano Laura Jarrell is currently studying in Rennes under the tutelage of mezzo- soprano Stéphanie d’Oustrac. Previous to this, she graduated with Master of Performance at the Royal College of Music in London where she was supported by the Josephine Baker Trust, the Big Give award and the Audrey Sacher award.

As an ensemble singer, she tours with many groups in France and abroad, including the Monteverdi choir conducted by Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Le... read full bio

Maëlle Javelot
Mezzo / Soprano

Maëlle began her musical training at the age of six, starting on the violin before moving to voice studies at 16. After graduating from Tours University in musicology, she was accepted into the class of Robert Expert at the Conservatorium of Bobigny. She is currently studying in Paris with Florence Guignolet.
During the course of her studies, she has had the opportunity to play various roles in opera productions, such as Cherubino in The Mariage of Figaro, or Véronique in... read full bio

Laurence Recchia
Mezzo / Soprano

Laurence has been a musician from an early age (piano). She  recorded musical stories for children (voice), and discovered choir singing at adolescence. She then explored many repertoires, from classical singing to American pop songs but also worked in musical theater with several leading roles in different productions. She sang in several ensembles : the Choir of the Sorbonne (directed by Jacques Grimbert and Denis Rouger), the PACA Regional Choir (directed by Michel Santos), the... read full bio

Isabelle Schmitt
Mezzo / Soprano - Membre des Voix Animées depuis 2016

She first studied cello and viola da gamba at conservatory of Aix en Provence where she obtained her DEM then she went on to perfectionning the Schola Cantorum in Bâle, where her passion for singing began. On 2010, Isabelle obtained her DEM in baroque singing at the Baroque Music Center of Versailles. She gives concerts on a regular basis in the Royal Chapel of Versailles and in several festivals in France and abroad and with different ensembles : the Spiritual Concert with Hervé... read full bio

Josquin Gest
Contre-ténor - Membre des Voix Animées depuis 2013

After singing in the Maîtrise de Seine-Maritime (directed by Jean-Noël Duchesne), Josquin Gest continued his training as a baritone in the Jeune Chœur de Paris (directed by Laurence Equilbey & Geoffroy Jourdain). His passion for early music then led him to explore the possibilities of his voice as a countertenor. He entered the Centre de Musique Ancienne, a department of the Haute École de Musique in Geneva, in the classes of Béatrice Cramoix and Lucien Kandel. He obtained a Master’s... read full bio

Cyrille Lerouge
Contre-ténor - Membre des Voix Animées depuis 2018

Cyrille is a french Counter tenor. He started singing at age 7 in a Boys Choir based in his hometown, in Nogent-sur-Marne (near Paris). He has stayed in this choir until he was 18, which made him sing more than 50 concerts every year, as a solo and ensemble singer, in prestigious places in Paris (Notre-Dame de Paris, Saint-Eustache, Saint-Louis en L’Île etc.) and abroad during the international summer tours (Spain, Switzerland, U.S.A., Japan…). In 2011, he began his proper singing studies... read full bio

Raphaël Pongy

First, Raphaël Pongy worked on his whole tessitura (baritone and falsetto) and in mean time he had a degree in musicology in Aix-en-Provence. When he came in Lyon, he got an award in sol-fa; he met Nicolas Domingues with whom he exclusively worked on the countertenor register. In 2011, he graduated  in baroque song in Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, into the classroom of Isabelle Desrochers, during when he was under the direction of Olivier Schneebeli, Hervé Niquet, incent... read full bio

Mathieu Becquerelle

At the age of 5, his parents took Mathieu to his first piano lesson, and from this moment on, he has been seen behind the keyboard. Trained at the Conservatoire de Marseille, he won the Premier Prix d’Art Lyrique. He started his career by joining Les Carboni with the show Un de la Canebière. After performing with Les Tréteaux de France and twice at the Festival d’Avignon, the show came to Paris at Théâtre 14, and was also broadcast on French national television. With Les Carboni,... read full bio

Léo Guillou-Keredan

Leo discovered classical singing through choral music. During his studies, he joined the Choeur & Orchestre Sorbonne Universités (COSU) conducted by Ariel Alonso. He graduated with BA in Musicology and with MA in French Literature and in 2017, he joined the choir Mikrokosmos conducted by Loïc Pierre. Meanwhile, he trained at the Conservatoire du 9e arrondissement with Doris Lamprecht and at the Conservatoire de Pantin with Armelle Humbert. He also trained with personalities... read full bio

Camille Leblond

Camille Leblond discovered instrumental practice by chance at age 11 through harpsichord. Very soon, he was brought to explore the lyrical repertoire from ensemble music. That is how he
revealed his voice and developed a passion for working on it. After a long self-teaching period, he began a lyrical formation in 2019 with Hubert Humeau and
then Laetitia Volcey at the Conservatoire du Grand Châlon from which he received his degree in 2021. During this course, he embodied a... read full bio

Eymeric Mosca

Along with a Bachelor in Filming and Audio Engineering, Eymeric Mosca studies the piano with Michel Capolongo in Cannes, and with Jean-Sébastien Bardon in Aubagne, where he obtains his diploma. In 2010, he finishes the Music Theory course in the Conservatoire of Marseille. The same year, he starts singing in Toulon with Luc Coadou and Marie-Louise Duthoit, along Music Culture and Choir Directing courses. In 2014, he enters the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in... read full bio

Damien Roquetty

After graduating with a degree in musicology, Damien Roquetty studied voice at the Conservatoire of Aix-en-Provence with Laure Florentin.  Passionate about early music, he joined the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles where he worked with Viviane Durand then Isabelle Desrochers and got a final degree (DEM). This solid background led him to sing under the direction of Olivier Schneebeli, Hervé Niquet, Christophe Rousset, Patrick Cohen-Akenine, Jérémie Rohrer, David Fallis. He... read full bio

Former artistic staff

2009 / 2021

Angèle Chemin, Alice Glaie, Cécile Granger, Esther Labourdette, Céline Laly, Lisa Magrini, Loreline Mione, Baptistine Mortier, Harriet Mountford, Adèle Pons, Sabine Thiers, Lise Viricel, Bérengère Mauduit, Elise Monray, Charlotte Welti, Sylvain Manet, Matthieu Peyregne, William Howard Shelton, Antoine Strub, Samy Camps, Lionel Desmeules, Pierre Girod, Richard Golian, Benjamin Ingrao, Lisandro Nesis, Loïc Paulin, Cyril Costanzo, Eudes Peyre.


Artistes associés

Marie Langlet
Luthiste - Membre des Voix Animées depuis 2019

Titulaire d'un premier prix de guitare à l'unanimité dans la classe d'Alberto Ponce au Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris et d'une maîtrise de musicologie, Marie Langlet se tourne vers le théorbe, la guitare baroque et le luth renaissance avec Eric Bellocq, Benjamin Perrot et Charles-Edouard Fantin au CRR de Paris. 

En tant que guitariste, elle a collaboré avec l'Orchestre National de France, a participé à la tournée et à l'enregistrement de Yann... read full bio

Marianne Salmon
Luthiste - Membre des Voix Animées depuis 2021

Après des études de guitare classique, luth renaissance et théorbe à Toulon, Marianne entre en 2013 dans la classe de Peter Croton à la Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. En février 2015, entre autre sous l’impulsion du clavieriste Jesper Christensen, elle se consacre au répertoire romantique à la guitare et à son interprétation tout en étudiant le théorbe et la basse continue avec Benjamin Perrot,... read full bio


Romain Bastard

Compositeur, organiste, pianiste, interprète, improvisateur, Romain Bastard est né en Normandie dans une famille d’artistes. Il débute sa formation au Conservatoire de Caen où il reçoit des cours d’écriture dès l'âge de 12 ans. Puis aux Conservatoires Nationaux Supérieurs de Paris et de Lyon où il obtient le Master de composition, en contrepoint, harmonie et fugue. 

Travaillant comme organiste à l’Abbaye aux hommes de Caen, puis pianiste pour de nombreux choeurs et pour des... read full bio

Tomás Bordalejo

Tomás Bordalejo came to Paris in 2005. He first attended class in the Gennevilliers music academy, the CRR de Paris and the Pôle supérieur de Création Boulogne-Billancourt. His encounter with the composer Bernard Cavanna during the composition workshop in the prestigious Villecroze Academy was a stepping-stone for his career. Under the guidance of Peter Eötvös, Pascal Dusapin, Yan Maresz, Philippe Hersant, and Philippe Manoury, Tomás consolidated his proper musical... read full bio

Karol Beffa

Karol Beffa, born in 1973, had a general education along with music studies after having been a child actor between the ages of seven and 12, appearing in more than 15 films. Top of his class at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, he read history (Bachelor's degree), English (Master's), philosophy (Master's at Cambridge University) and mathematics, graduating from ENSAE (Graduate School of Economics, Statistics and Finance). Enrolling at the Paris Conservatoire in 1988, he obtained... read full bio

Leo Collin

Born in 1990 in France. Léo Collin studied Art applied, composition and electronic music in Marseille, Genève, Freiburg in Breisgau and Zurich. His work includes video theater, walks, audio works such instrumental and vocal compositions as well as electroacoustic compositions. Furthermore performance pieces are a major focus in his work. Since 2014 his work has been presented internationally at festivals, museums and other places.

He has artistically developed multiple techniques... read full bio

Christophe Demarthe

Christophe Demarthe is a composer and sound designer based in Paris. For many years he has been working at the border of sound and visual arts, creating music and sound architectures for theatre, dance, visual arts, film, radio, television, fashion. In his commissioned work Christophe Demarthe proceeds in small steps, by subtle intuitions, through an incessant game of back and forth between the project under construction and his sound work. Since 2010 he has been producing soundtracks for... read full bio

Raphaël Languillat

Born in Morocco in 1989. Raphaël Languillat stopped his studies in french-german law to devote himself to composition in 2010, joining Daniel D'Adamo’s class in Reims CRR and graduating from Reims University with a bachelor degree in musicology. Since October 2014 he continues his studies in Master degree at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt unter the guidance of Michael Reudenbach and Orm Finnendahl.

His works question the loss of attention, inner focus and... read full bio

Anne Mirou

Anne Mirou's musical journey follows the history of music chronologically: in an embryonic state, she was impregnated with Renaissance counterpoint within the vocal ensemble to which her parents belong; as a child, she played the harpsichord, with a predilection for the English virginalist composers of the Elizabethan era, and for the music of Bach, whose liturgical work is for her a real revelation; as a teenager, she takes a liking to romantic music, notably thanks to Mendelssohn;... read full bio

Dimitri Tchesnokov

Dimitri TCHESNOKOVis a French-Ukrainian composer and pianist of Russian descent, born in 1982. He began his musical studies in the Tourchak Art-school in Kyiv, (Київська дитяча школа мистецтв ім. Стефана Турчака) with Svitlana Dembovs'ka (Світлана Дембовська) as piano teacher. Later he entered the Glier Kyiv institute of music, (Київський інститут музики ім. Р. М. Глієра) and studied piano with Elena Verikivs'ka (Єлена Веріківська). Arriving in France at the age of 15, he works with... read full bio

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