Papae Marcelli

Les Voix Animées lend their voices to Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina’s music so as to pay tribute to Marcello Cervini. This atypical person, a man of peace who was opposed to nepotism and luxury, did not belong to the wealthy families that shared Saint Peter’s throne back then. Under the name of Marcel II, he reigned for twenty-one days in the spring of 1555. This very devoted pope with reformative views made a strong impression on Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina who dedicated his Missa Papae Marcelli to him. In this six-part polyphonic mass composed in 1562, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina combined the council precepts with the art inherited from the Franco-Flemish composers. This remarkable work managed to convince the cardinals of the merits of the polyphony in the liturgy coming from the Council of Trent.

Marcello Cervini was a prior in La Celle Abbey.

Les Voix Animées have been welcomed for artistic residencies at the Abbey since 2016 by the department of Le Var.

By offering a performance of the Missa Papae Marcelli with eight singers, Les Voix Animées make the decision to highlight the significant antiphony in Palestrina’s work. The presence of a double choir is actually effective in the work of his disciple, Francesco Soriano, who composed an eight-part Missa Papae Marcelli, adding two parts to the work of the Master.

Some motets for the Holy Week, among which the touching Stabat Mater, supplement this recording. 

8 a cappella singers

Anne-Claire Baconnais sopranoCamille Joutard soprano, Josquin Gest countertenorRaphaël Pongy countertenorLoïc Paulin tenorDamien Roquetty tenor, Eudes Peyre bassLuc Coadoubaritone & musical direction.

« Papae Marcelli », recorded in Abbaye de La Celle (83) France

Recording and mixing : Marc Poveda

« Papae Marcelli »
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« Papae Marcelli »  | 19.90 EUR

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