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03/19/2019 - 14:15

Auditorium Jean Moulin, Le Thor

« Ciné-concert : Charlot, Octave & Bobine  »

4 a cappella voices



Two short films by Charles Chaplin (USA - BW - 1917)

accompanied by 4 voices at the foot of the screen

« The Adventurer » / « Easy Street »

Les Voix Animées illustrate and ornament two short burlesque films by Chaplin in a quartet using melodies, refrains, onomatopoeias and vocal sound effects.  More than just a musical accompaniment, the challenge of this show is to have two forms of creation coexist simultaneously and to present the movies of course but also the architects of their « soundtrack » performed live. This show, where the sound-effect singers and the unforgettable Charlot take turns in front of the stage, brings music and movies together in a ballet of shadows and lights.

Music by Bach, Brahms, Verdi, Chaplin, Scott Joplin, Les Frères Jacques...

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Location : Auditorium Jean Moulin, Le Thor