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08/12/2016 - 21:00

Collégiale Notre-Dame de la Nativité, Pignans

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6 a cappella voices


Count of Provence, King of Naples , Duke of Anjou and Lorraine, titular king of Jerusalem and Aragon , the good King René , lover of the arts is one of the most important patrons of the late Middle Ages . In the fifteenth century he participated in the emergence of a new spirit making the Mediterranean a real Renaissance jewel . By the play of alliances and conquests , the Mediterranean heritage of René of Anjou fell in the sixteenth century to Charles V who broadcasted all over the Empire this flourishing art.

Music by Joaquin, Dufay, Mouton, Nola, Willard… 

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Tél. : 04 83 95 18 79
Price(s) : Free entry without booking
Location : Collégiale Notre-Dame de la Nativité, Pignans - Collégiale Notre-Dame de la Nativité